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split poplar farm:
that's unfortunate!  I guess I'll check back after this crisis but before the next one...

if anyone else gets in, please post!

split poplar farm:
Is this the same stuff?  If so, it's another way to get to it...

It is the same stuff, but I don't think it is complete. That site says the version is from 2006. Still a pretty large chunk of it.

I did find a torrent mirror site that looks up to date.  You may want to pick and choose unless you have a spare Terabyte of data or so...  :o

If you don't have a torrent downloader, try uTorrent for free. That's what I use and I've never had issues.

CD3WD on my hosting account.

I'm still compressing the files into 7-zip formats to drop the filesize to 3.7GB and uploading. Perhaps when you read this they will all be there.

All 7 disks are now available in 7z format on my website

If you don't have it, 7-zip is a free open source compression/extraction utility that compresses more effectively than ZIP protocol.


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