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how to fix velcro on sander


I thought with all the tool people on here, someone might know how to do it,  I have an older black and decker orbital sander and the hook and loop pad is worn out.  I have tried 2 different replacement pads from Amazon, and they are wrng, they do not fit this sander correctly, so they were sent back. 

Is there a way to scrape it off that is easy and an appropriate adhesive and hook sheet product ?  Or is it just time for a new sander ?

Here ya go MM. Two vids. The first mentions a pad with an adhesive back. The second uses a glue applied to the sander to hold the pad.

Piece of cake either way.

I didn't watch the mentioned videos, but glue also came to my mind.  There's a glue called 'booger glue' or 'fugitive glue'.  It's that tacky removable glue you find on cards attached to a letter. You probably got them in the mail.  I just bought a bottle of Aleen's Tack it Again and Again but not for your particular use.  It comes out like Elmer's, spread it around, let it dry.  As long as too much dirt doesn't get on it you can stick and remove something multiple times.  I believe there are similar spray adhesives.  I just started looking into these glues used for crafts and other things where a temporary bond is needed.  There are 2 types, permanent and removable.  The permanent can be removed with a bit of work but may damage some surfaces such as regular paper when removed.

I fixed the sander with the kit, it seemed to work well.  You first sad off the velcro left, and they supplied a sandpaper with sticky backing that I stuck to an incomnspicuous support of my work bench.  Then, when it was smooth-ish, I glued on the new one.

I cannot report on how well it performed or lasted however.

I sanded with it briefly to try it out, then it was too hot and smoky so I put it off till next day.  the fire came and the sander pad melted in the fire, the plastic sheeting over the project also melted onto the door itself.  I have bought a new sander.  A rigid one.  We will see soon how well it does on sanding partially melted black plastic sheeting off of a wooden door


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