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Air travel during turbulent times

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I should've titled the topic travel, not just air travel. I've been following a number of YouTube videos on RV'rs and some of the full time ones are stuck. Several overseas travelers also can't get home with closed borders. Some can't leave their pets and some of those countries won't let them cross the border without extensive veterinarian exams and paperwork. My friend in Minnesota had to cancel the horseback journey in the Ozarks as the ranch has closed for the summer. Some travelers with out-of-state plates are being stopped everywhere.

Meanwhile our air travel plans are up in the air, I'm not sure if we can get reimbursed for seat assignments.
At least gas is cheap, but I wonder how long that can last before the supply chain buckles.

Looks like a hammer is coming.  But, remember, this does not negate any cancellation fee in the contract (usually $200).  It just means that they can't suspend refunds.
DOT: Airlines must give refunds — not just vouchers — when flights are axed amid coronavirus

How about we cancelled our flight? It's near impossible to reschedule within the required year when everything is unknown.


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