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Air travel during turbulent times

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Our airline sent us an email informing us of our options during the declared national emergency. It appears the only viable choice is re-schedule, no opportunity for a refund. Has to be within a year, this might not even be a good solution. How's anyone else dealing with this?

David in MN:
We basically got the same offer. It's a holding pattern for now. The hope is that this blows over and we can take a fall vacation somewhere simple. We lost some money on our rentals and dealing with airlines is a pain but traveling now isn't in the cards.

I think it's going to require flexibility. Canning the Caribbean trip was the right thing to do and now we (hopefully) pivot to something like a city sightseeing trip later in the year.

Forgot to mention; the email said we are not to contact them concerning the flight any sooner than 72 hours before takeoff. That's not going to work. For now our plans are up in the air.
This might change everything:

If you paid by credit card, you should check if it had automatic travel insurance.  For example, my American Express covers refunds with "a government regulation or World Health Organisation recommendation not to travel because of an epidemic that takes place within 14 days before the start date of the insured journey"  See here:

In addition, you should check whether your ticket is for a refundable class.  Dont just assume that the generalized letter applies to your fare class.  Even if your ticket is a non-refundable one, often times you can still cancel up to 24 hrs before for a penalty fee - ussually $200.

You should also make sure that you didnt pay for travel insurance when buying the ticket.  Sometimes people buy it without noticing as Airlines tend to auto fill the check box when buying and you have to opt out.

Thanks, gonna check that out.


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