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Truck camper emergency towing after breakdown etc


found an interesting article. A truck camper on a flatbed truck seems too high so then you get into these towing options. With the camper towed as in the picture, there could be a lot of stress on the system that holds the camper into the bed. This is a series of chains connected to apparatus that is welded to the frame. Me being a worrier, I suppose I would worry that there is a lot of strain there but overall the camper itself that I have weighs less than 1200 pounds and dry it weighs less than that. The system I have that holds the camper in the bed is what the RV place recommended and seems pretty heavy duty. The rear axle would also be holding more weight potentially . I have a rubber anti skid mat inside my bed that prevents the camper from wanting to easily want to slide so that may also help.

 My truck and camper is considerably smaller than what is pictured here

Truck campers cannot be flatbed towed because of their height.  Your rig will most likely require a heavy duty tow truck.  The tow company who picked us up referred to their truck as a winch-tow.

To tow a truck camper rig, the tow company will tow the vehicle from the front and may been to disconnect the drive shaft.  They did in our case.

It’s stressful sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck for an hour or more.  When they finally arrive, it’s even more disconcerting if they brought the wrong vehicle to do the job.  That happened to us, too.  My advice is to know the specifications of your truck camper and be sure to ask questions when you do have to call the road-side service company.


This is the exact camper I have, but my truck is a standard cab with no back seat, a tundra 6 cylinder 2WD only. As I said the camper is not that heavy. The top of the camper is about 10 feet off of the ground


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