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--- Quote from: Redman on February 10, 2019, 02:56:48 AM ---Last ww fluid I bought I paid less than a $1 per gallon at WM. That's been several years ago.

--- End quote ---
This is why I'm not going to make my own washer fluid.  It's so cheap that I feel that using my time on other things is a much better return on my investment.

I've found that Rain-X eliminates the need to use wipers and makes scraping ice off a lot easier.

Yep, Rain-X works great.  My biggest issue with it is making sure I get some on before it starts raining.  Another thing I keep in mind is not to keep the used cloth in the car when done putting it on.  It's never happened, but I can imagine getting pulled over by a cop with a recently used Rain-X cloth reeking of alcohol inside the car.  I don't imagine that going well.

David in MN:
Rain-X can have a downside. I know of 2 Cadillac owners who used it and the car's rain sensor would not detect the rain and not allow the wipers to be turned on. Really a scary side of the computer driven car.

But for the most part a really good product.

I never had a car with a rain sensor, but good to know.  While I like tech stuff, sometimes I think it goes a little too far.  At least for me as long as I've been driving I find my eyes do a good job of detecting rain, and clicking the little switch to turn on the wipers doesn't seem to be very difficult when it's needed.  My biggest problem with Rain X is remembering to put it on BEFORE the rain, usually the rain reminds me I haven't put it on.  Thanks for that info on rain sensors though, now when I tell someone about Rain X I'll have to ask if their wipers are automatic.


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