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In early stages of getting a used gas SUV/truck to replace my 20 yr old F250. It's been a good truck, but drinks the diesel.

Looking for something less than 20k with low mileage, durable, low maintenance, good resale value, parts readily available, gets "good" gas mileage, less than a few years old, and can tow a travel trailer if needed (est. 6k pds). No kids, just me but extra storage is a plus. Also, be able to easily carry a kayak. Also, in the future I might get a Class A and pull the vehicle with a trailer.

I realize that some of these are basically the same vehicles, but the general short list I've got so far includes:
Ford Explorer, Escape, F150 (at the moment don't have a need for a full fledged truck, but they are handy to have when the need arises)
Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee (I like the "idea" of having a Jeep, not sure I would use a 4x4 unless I travel more to where it's needed)
Toyota 4Runner-4th gen, Tacoma, Tundra-1st gen,double cab, Sport Trac, Sequoia 1st gen
Nissan Titan, FrontierS
Subaru Forrester
Honda RidgelineRT
Dodge Ram 1500HFE
GMC Canyon, Sierra
Chevy Colorado, Silverado

Know everyone has their personal preferences with different brands.
As I haven't kept up with all the newer bells and whistles, looking to see what others experiences have been with some of these for what I'm looking for.

I love my 2008 GMC Sierra Crew.

Something like this would fit all your criteria:  GMC Sierra (or Chevy Silverado) crew or extended cab with fiberglass shell (like leer snugtop) and rack.  Go with 4 wheel drive and a larger engine (5.3, 5.7 or 6 liter) for easy towing.

Nice. Would be good for sleeping in as well on trips if could rig up a mosquito screen with velcro. What's the mileage like with the 4wd package?


--- Quote from: oktheniknow on May 28, 2018, 09:25:10 AM ---Nice. Would be good for sleeping in as well on trips if could rig up a mosquito screen with velcro. What's the mileage like with the 4wd package?

--- End quote ---

MPG varies greatly by setup, especially whethe it is a six speed transmission.  Typically this class will get something like 16 city and 23 highway.  You can see the government tested and owner reported mpg for any vehicle here:  You can even search for vehicles by class and fuel economy to narrow options.

If fuel economy is biggest driver consider a Subaru outback made in Indiana.  You can get over 30 mpg highway, have good road clearance, and easily carry your kayak. 

But you would give up towing capacity dropping from 6 to 12 thousand from a pickup down to 2.5 to 3 thousand.  So no big pull trailers but you can do small campers. 

On the other hand, if you get a class A than the subaru would be ideal.  It is actually a popular choice among motorhome enthusiasts.  It will probably be our next vehicle if we dont go EV.

Will look into, thanks. So you have plenty of EV recharging stations in your area? I've seen note of lots of incentives for buying them.


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