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Question for the mods: promotional materials and media for the site.

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Sent you the PM with the PSD file download location.

I understand your point about some people being turned off by the idea when they hear "Survivalist". But since the URL they have to type in contains that word, it seems they would be equally deturred.

I don't agree that people would dismiss it once and then not look later because of a preformed opinion. It takes multiple points of exposure to attract such people.  They may shrug it off the first time, but by being handed the card, they remember it.  When they hear about it again, they're more likely to look into it having remembered that first contact, often in spite of their opinion, just to see what people are talking about.

An effort to make that first point of contact more informative to dispell any preoncieved notions may be more fruitful than simple omission. Perhaps something like this:

As always, click to download the printable sheet

LOL, That third card (with the zombies) is freekin AWESOME.  You have got some talent for sure.

Got to love it.  I'll be downloading it as well.

Your correct, they have to type in the podcast website name, but by the time they reach the browser, the card will have peaked their interest enough to go check it out.  I may be completely off base, but ever little bit helps.  I like the subdued nature of the you have done on the cards, it breaks it up enough that "Survival" doesn't jump off the page at them and send them scurrying for their late's and big governmetn love pillows. ;D    I think you this is just an  absolutely wonderful set of cards.

Just noticed a typo, I was doing too many things at once (had a customer on the phone when I should have been proof reading).  Here's the link to the corrected sheet for the black cards, which should read "Losing your job" not "losing you job".

The Link:

This on is kind of bland and boring, but it would be better suited for some uses.


--- Quote from: Insane_Libertarian_Wacko on May 17, 2010, 02:17:58 PM --- (had a customer on the phone when I should have been proof reading). 

--- End quote ---

How dare you talk to customers while your doing something for TSP.  You should be ashamed.  :P


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