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--- Quote from: ncjeeper on October 27, 2009, 09:30:18 AM ---I ordered a shirt and patch.

--- End quote ---

I am planning on getting a shirt and some patches. If our whole M&G group gets a shirt I am sure it will attract some attention enough for people to ask about the podcast.

When is the Jack Spirko Bobble-Head Doll coming out?

Yeah one to mount on my dash next to the hula girl ;D

Need one that looks out and shakes his head (instead of nodding) at bad drivers.

Sister Wolf:
Okay - check this out.  We can ACTUALLY HAVE BOBBLE HEADS MADE OF JACK.  Complete with recordings.

Are you guys really interested in this?  They would NOT be cheap (probably along the lines of $50 for you), but they are doable.

Edit:  If we went without a recording, it'd be more like $40 for you.


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