Author Topic: Make Your Own Spinning Accessories!  (Read 4523 times)

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Make Your Own Spinning Accessories!
« on: September 19, 2013, 11:01:50 AM »
There are two basic tools you'll need that often don't come with your wheel: a lazy kate and a niddy noddy. Sure, you can buy the fancy, expensive ones at the store, but if you're a DIY-er like me, you'd rather put your crafter skills to use (and save a bundle of money in the process!).

Lazy Kate
A lazy kate is just a device that will hold your bobbins full of yarn while you ply. Some wheels have one built in, some don't. Most storebought ones will have a braking system that will prevent your yarn from spinning back on itself while you're plying. However, I have found my homemade version to be more than adequate for my needs.

You will need:
Old shoebox
Spare knitting needles

Remove the lid from the shoebox. Push the knitting needles through the box at even intervals. Done!
You can also use any sort of pointy rod-shaped object instead of knitting needles. I just had some spare ones lying around so I used them.

Niddy Noddy
A niddy noddy is how you get your yarn off the bobbin and into a skein. They vary in length (Ashford makes an adjustable one) and are usually wood, but my PVC version is portable, durable, and waterproof!

You will need:
~2 feet of 1/2" PVC pipe
2 PVC T-connectors
Pipe cutter
Velcro (optional)
4 End caps (optional)

Cut 4 short lengths of PVC, 3-4", and one longer piece, 8-14". Put the shorter pieces in the "arms" of the T-connectors and use the longer piece to connect the two T's. Turn the T's perpendicular to each other. Add a small patch of the grabby side of velcro if desired (this makes winding much easier).

The length of your long piece will determine your "wrap length" (the length of one full wrap of yarn around your noddy). I can't really speak as far as cutting your noddy to a specific wrap length as I just cut mine and then measured the length after. To determine your wrap length, take a piece of string and wrap it once around. Measure the length of that string. I wrote my wrap length on the niddy noddy itself so I would remember. All you have to do is count the number of wraps when you're winding and you can use some simple math to figure out your yardage.

This niddy noddy is fully waterproof and can be submerged with a skein of freshly wound yarn. This is useful for preventing tangling during washing. You can add end caps if you'd like to keep the inside of the pipe dry for this part, or just let it air out in between washes if you don't want caps. It also disassembles easily for storage; I've even seen people that have made little drawstring storage bags for it.

Hope this was useful, let me know if you have a questions or if something doesn't make sense. Happy spinning!

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Re: Make Your Own Spinning Accessories!
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2013, 07:09:59 PM »
it is easy enough to put a braking system on that homemade Kate.  You'll need some sort of bushing to keep your bobbins in line ... TP rolls cut to fit work well.  Next, connect a string on the back of the box, pull it to the front on top of the whorls, then connect it to the front.

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Re: Make Your Own Spinning Accessories!
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2013, 08:30:57 PM »
Going to make niddy noddy for wife Fri thanks for idea might make two.

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Re: Make Your Own Spinning Accessories!
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2013, 08:50:45 PM »
You will make her a happy woman!

Something to consider to make her ecstatic!  Make one so that each complete wrap around the arms comes up to 2 yards ... this way when she wants to know how much yarn she has on the niddy noddy, she can count the number of wraps and multiply by two to get the total yardage!!!