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Tomatoes ripening


I have a Roma tomato plant full of green tomatoes. The first one has turned red. How do I store these that ripen before the others till I can have enough to make a sauce?

All in a single batch?

i would suggest waiting for batches to ripen well, squash/blend them and put to the freezer. Then cook the all together

Yes. Bag it and freeze it.

But if you want it as fresh, refrigerate it. It may last around 10? days.

Just cut up that first tomato and put it on a taco, or your salad, or sandwich.  Romas are good eating fresh too.  After a winter of no fresh tomatoes, the flavor is just fantastic to go and realy load up on using fresh tomatoes !

No use thinking about preserving tomatoes until you are later in the season and have a bunch, you preserve excess and right now you do not have more than you should be eating fresh.

ANd, I can all my tomatoes for the year, but I can excess.  When tomatoes are ripe, I use fresh tomatoes for pasta sauce, for pizza, or in soup etc... it is alot of work to can so always use fresh instead of canned during tomato season


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