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I'm surprised there isn't more Kratky discussions on here but I found what I think is an ingenious container for herbs and small plants. Soda/Beer cans, especially the new 19.2oz ones. Using a regular can opener, you can remove the top (without leaving any jagged edges) and it fits a 2" net cup perfectly.

I'm just getting started with hydro/kratky but I think these will work well, the only real downside is they are light and might tip over easily. However, you could put them in a 6 pack holder which would probably help. I dunno, I'm gonna give it a shot.

Kratky. Something I'm not familiar with.

I think it is something Jack Spirko is talking about on the podcast... he also put out a YT vid on making the Kratky containers... it is apparently a hydroponics system. Here is his intro podcast about it:

So I have been studying Jack's setup and Kratky. I assume Jack is using the large containers so that there is less work than maintaining individual cans? The added circulation system to help make it more hands-free? Really touch to find large plastic containers with low profile, at least online at the moment.

Just looking at all the pump, containers, pvc pipes, etc.... I'm thinking those are going to be some very expensive tomatoes... just sayin'


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