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1851 navy edc?

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I'm thinking of buying a model 1851 navy yank for edc purposes as well as shooting, i have experience with them so thats not much of an issue. I recently turned 18 so i can't legally carry my pistol, and cap and ball guns arent considered firearms in my state, and everythings legal far as i can tell, im just mostly looking for opinions at this juction and if its a good idea.

I think an issue may be borrowing trouble. Even if you are correct that it is legal (be careful, some states have general weapons laws separate from firearms laws), that is such an odd example that if you get made the police are likely to arrest you and let it get sorted out downtown.

Respectfully, the skill sets of personal defense are broad. Defensive Tactics (hand to hand), awareness and surveillance detection, positioning, reporting and communication, physical conditioning, etc. Cultivating those sets that are not "carrying a gun" will likely keep you safer than carrying a sub-optimal gun without any of the risk of carrying a not-firearm.

Additional, an 1851 obviously does not have a transfer bar safety like modern revolvers. I should think the chamber under the hammer would need to be empty.

Also, concealment holster may be rarified or have to be custom.

Alan Georges:
In this situation, a good pepper spray is a more reliable assault stopper than an 1851, and much less likely to land you in jail.  Even then, check your state's laws.

--- Quote from: Salplazz on December 19, 2017, 04:24:38 AM ---... and everythings legal far as i can tell, ...

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Don't try to out-guess the cops, DA, and judge on this one.  They've been doing this for years, and can lock up your 18 yo self just as fast as you can take away a 7 yo's lunch money.  If you're serious about carrying at the legal margins like this, spend a few hundred bucks consulting a lawyer ahead of time.

Pepper spray.

I should have been more specific, i live in a rural area in az so its mostly gonna be for wild critters that wander into town (been having issues with javelina) and its easier for me to obtain a cap and ball pistol, self defence is just an added bonus (lotta crackheads), everything is legal in az as its basically considered the same as a pocket knife or a cap gun, for concealment i have a friend who does leather work and have talked about a custom shoulder holster. Right now im just debating the 1851colt vs the 1858 new army.


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