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Handgonne Priming Dilenma - Solved!


It appesrs one of the great primative firearm mysteries has been solved in a surprising way.  Early handgonners used a fire then aim method which was possible because of the burn rate of early blackpowder.  This completely destroys the myth that handgonnes were only volley weapons.  And it proves that even the most primitive firearm is a viable hunting tool.  The ergonomics are much better than has been believed because the primer adheres to the handgonne.  This video explains it with the action shots beginning at 5:40 mark.

More detail in text form with images showing various stages:

Key point is that firearms have always been aimed weapons whrer individual targets were engaged.  A handgonner had the ability to seek cover and engage targets one-by-one.

This drastically changed the view of the elites.  The best plate armor and a lifetime of martial training could be overcome by a single firearm user with just a small amount of training.  No wonder they saw the handgonne as "death's tool".


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