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Roman plumbata darts - interesting ancient weapon

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I searched for the lawn darts on Wiki and looks like parts for assembling lawn darts are still legal to import to the US. So, even if someone was worried about their stuff getting identified as lawn darts and seized by custom office, I can just simply send you unassembled set of these and let you put the heads on shafts.
I see massmade blumbata offered as high as $50-60 around the web. My handmade beauties are $22 each, or $10 for a finished point, if you decided to make the shaft by yourself. Barbed or non barbed point upon demand. Let me know.

I saw people throwing plumbatai both underhand and overhead, some say the underhand throw gives longest range, as far as 90m or so.

Woah... you're selling them? I may have to get one... you know... for history's sake...

These are the first I made, I make most stuff for custom orders, don't keep much in stock. I already have another guy asking for couple more, so I may as well make a bunch for others. Just PM me.

Looks like I'll be making some more, this time the demand was for not necesarily authentic ones, rather durable. So I've been thinking about using fiberglass rod for the shafts (delrin rods also came to my mind) and some artificial material for fletching as well. I know good ductape can make pretty good fletching (tried it), but I'm afraid it won't look very professional. Usual arrow vanes are too small. Leather is hard to attach that way. Any ideas?

Looks kind of like a Japanese uchi ne. They are like a short javelin about 18 inches long. Used by nobles.



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