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Anyone used an Atlatl?

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Today the weekly beer buddies conversation turned to primitive weapons and their modern use/effectiveness. My friend mentioned the Atlatl and admittedly none of us had ever used one. Anyone here experienced one firsthand? I've seen that Netflix series that featured it but was wondering if anyone has personal experience with construction or use.

Gulo gulo:
Once at the alaska native heritage center and I totally missed the target. Chief advantage in a survival situation is that it would take much less materials and effort to make than a bow, while still giving one a mechanical advantage over just a spear. Bows still have more power and accuracy, when properly made.

Alan Georges:
I knocked together a makeshift one a few years ago.  Not particularly accurate, but then it wasn't well made nor was I skillful with it.  Used a dowel for the dart, some sort of small chisel for the head, and in about 15 minutes was blasting the point through 1/2" pine boards pretty easily.  It was dead easy to make and they are very effective.

Here's an old thread on the topic:

I tried one at a primitive skills training class. very effective at throwing far distances, but with my lack of training i missed the barn.. barely managed to hit the earth. ;)

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: archeR on February 19, 2015, 10:55:41 PM ---.. barely managed to hit the earth. ;)

--- End quote ---
That would've been quite a trick if you'd managed it.  "Hello?  NASA?  And you're offering me how much?  Well, Richard Branson called earlier with a much more generous offer, so thanks anyway, g'bye."


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