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What is the best way to save seeds?  How should they be saved?

The answer is complex because each plant has different things you need to do.  You always try to leave the fruit on the plant till it is fully mature, usually past time to eat.  Pick the best fruit from the healthiest plants. 

On the how the best resource I have found is


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Joining Seed Savers Exchange is a great way to get access to 12000+ open pollinating heirloom varieties which are good for building a home sustenance garden.  They are not as disease resistant as modern hybrids, so you will want to plant more than you might with garden store seeds as well as having more variety among cultivars.

They ship their catalog every Feb, so join in January to get it and start planning your garden.


This is the International Seed Saving Institute

Green beans, pumpkin and other squashes, dried peas, and some herbs store well in the freezer. I have kept green bean seeds for years this way. Onion seeds just don't store well at all. You will have a very poor germination rate. Marigold seeds, lettuce and others I allow to dry well, place in envelopes and store in a plastic container to keep out the bugs.


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