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Free compost coffee grounds from Starbucks

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Next time you are near one, check to see if they have any.  There are several near me that have a woven basket near the register that has silver mylar bags of used grounds labeled "Grounds for your garden."  With a big free sign.

There are some in grocery stores that I always check.

Nothing beats free!  Each bag probably has $1,000 in used coffee!

I will definitely check that out.  A lady at work uses the little bit of coffee in the bottom of the pot to water her plants (diluted of course) and it perks them right up.  I don't go into a starbucks unless I have a gift card.  Nothing like a six dollar five hundred calorie drink to start the day.

Also, as Stein mentioned, they pack the grounds in the old mylar bags the ground arrive in. Free small mylar bags to use for storage!

Forgot to mention that the bag has a label saying you can put them straight into your garden without composting if you want to go that route.  I guess they are loaded with nitrogen and do wonders.

I compost them, put them on plants, and feed them to my composting worms.... Keeps the little wigglers crawling all night long...


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