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I used to have a nice nonfolding wrist rocket type one, that was simply awesome. I dropped it off of my horse one day, and never found it after that. Have since gotten one of the folding ones from Walmart. Its pretty serviceable, small enough to pack away easy, and very accurate with marbles.

Good tip on the white ones, Jack. Will have to try that. I always bought my marbles in the craft section of our local walmart for really cheap.

Another good thing to do is have extra tubing in your BOB for your slingshot. A small nick in the tubing and you are out of action.

That is true I had to pick some new tubing up because my wristrocket had gotten so old that it popped the other day now both my wife and I have them and plan to get really good with them. I am a good shot but I want to get better.

Rusty #1:
Sling shot are my favorite weapon next to airguns an blowguns... with them they can be carried almsot anywhere nd they are great hunting weapons to hunt with... I still hunt rabbits ansquirrels with them pretty easy to make an use... Get an supply of the big buls mailing rubber bands  for the power bands an use an old leather glove for the pouch and an good stout stick with an fork  for an handle fo the slingshot (I like to use Hickory personally)... anyway good hunting.... Rusty

I keep a folding wrist rocket in my BOB. I found about a dozen and a half of these steel bearings that are a little bigger around than a quarter. They go right through car doors from something like 20 feet. (I am not shooting up peoples cars, my friend works at a wrecking yard.) Anyone who doesn't take these things serious should. They can definitely put some meat on the table and if need be you could get some serious David and Goliath action going on with the right ammo. I am going to buy some of those marbles right now. For those of you raising the next generation it is a good thing to consider for your kids who are to young to carry a weapon unsupervised. I still remember the day my dad gave me my first real wrist rocket. It wasn't very expensive but it was a big deal to me. I used it EVERY DAY for years.

 Sorry gotta go dig mine out and have some fun......

Tactical Badger:
Dang!! And I thought it was just me!!

I picked up a Wrist Rocket a couple of years ago.  Honestly, I did it just because I wanted to play with it.  Since then, it's become part of the plan for alternative hunting methods.  I picked up a couple of spare bands and some more ammo.  I'll have to stock up on the cheap marbles just so I can practice with it more. 


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