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--- Quote from: Sonny on September 21, 2013, 05:20:13 PM ---The Slingshot Channel will give you more ideas that you will have time to make.  Joerg Sprave is awesome.  ***Warning*** major time waster! He made a slingshot that shoots cannon balls :o

--- End quote ---
cool site.. i'll have to waste some time there later.

I have a few sling shots. Best is to look on the Amazon. Then get A whisker biscuit as you would for a Bow. Mount that in the center of the wrist rocket. now you can shoot arrows as well. I Made one from the video on Youtube from the pathfinder school.

Sling Bow Final Modification How To for a sling bow.

Been a while since I was in here on the forums, and I couldn't help but get in here to this thread to post.
I do a bit of scrap metal recycling, and last week I got a nice windfall from a gentleman I used to work with. He called me up last week one day to let me know that he had some stuff that he wanted to get rid of.

As I was loading up the items that he was getting rid of, he asked me if I could use what he had in a bucket sitting next to where he was standing. It was a three gallon bucket full of ball bearings set into three inch diameter plastic races. By my guess, the bucket must weigh around twenty five pounds or better.

The bearings pop out of the races so easily that I would imagine that I should be able to remove all of them within an hour easily. They are by my best estimation, roughly a .30 cal. size bearing, so they will make some most excellent slingshot ammo.

I first thought to take them with that load of scrap, but being a person prone to repurposing items, it quickly dawned on me that they would be best used as ammo for my wrist rocket instead of a small bit of cash in my pocket for something else.   8)

great find!

A really, really good source for slingshots is Pocket Predator.  I bought a tac hammer and it shoots great!


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