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These are looked at as a kids weapon but I know I can hit a squirrel at about 15-20 ft. plus you could take out other small game as well. And they are really not expensive. from $10- $30 at one site. I think I paid like 15 plus shot for it is not to expensive. Like $10 or so for steel Shot you could go out and buy a bag of Marbles for a buck or two as well.

They are a great weapon in my opinion and quite affordable and legal in all but the places one would never want to go anyway, they are also cheap.

My tip, get white marbles, you can buy them really cheap  online like here,

They are $1.06 a pound which is about 79 marbles.  That makes em 1.3 cents each!

Now why white, because you can see them fly so well, it helps you quickly adjust your shooting.  Try em, you will like it!

Slingshot's have come a long way from being a childs toy these days.  The metal framed "Wrist Rockets" are just that.  I've shot everything from lead fishing weights to darts in mine.  Accurate, powerful and versatile.  My favorite ammo "load" is 5-10 pennys.  As the pennys hit the air they start spinning and fan out like a shotgun, makes a nice "whirring" sound too.  Great for running the neighbors dogs out of the yard, not much damage if you hit them at a distance, bean bag effect up close, spreads for running or multiple targets and the noise scares the crap out of them too.  One ounce fishing weights, OMG!  They would take a man down at 50 yards no matter where you hit him.


Well guys this has inspired me to do a sling shot show, I am seeking a Listener Contest Sponsor right now and found a pretty awesome sling shot source, I sent them info on the show, lets see if they will hook some of yall our with a "Buck Rogers" type of sling shot.

I put one of these in my bug out bag since they are so small and light weight. And a small bag of shot is lite by comparison to bullets unless we are talking .22 's. At least by the same number of shots. I know that they will take a rabbit down as well.


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