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I am going to be giving this a shot in the next growing season.


--- Quote from: tinfoilhat on October 09, 2008, 04:13:36 PM ---I still need to buy the book but have been thinking about starting one of these type gardens next Spring.  My question is if you can make one on something like a deck, or do you need it to be made over the earthy ground? 
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You could do either.  We are making deck boxes for our salad greens so we don't have to go all the way to the garden to get a salad every night. I am going to make 1' x 12' boxes to start with.

All you need are 1 foot by 1 foot by 6 inch containers of some sort.  Of course, you could use the same theory with round containers by adjusting the seed count to match the area.

"I do have a yard but we don't have it fenced in yet and we're unfortunately stuck in an HOA until we can someday move to a bigger place with more farmable land.  I don't really think having a garden is "against the rules" but we have weird/nosy neighbors and I don't really want them complaining, plus their kids are always walking through/biking through our yard. Sad  So I don't want either them or the friendly neighborhood deer/rabbits/squirrels out ruining it during the day."


Have you thought about planting something thorny where these rude neighbors are walking through your yard, like blackberries, raspberries, etc? You might be able to keep the people out and get some fruit for your trouble. It's something I'm thinking about doing, with the exception of the front yard, where people like to drive their through with their snowmobiles. I'm putting big rocks on that perimeter. It hasn't been a problem in recent years because we haven't had any snow really, but this is North Dakota...the good snows will be back sooner or later, and with the snow comes the snowmobiles. Argh.

Good luck!

We tried it late in the season with carrots, beans and peas.  It worked great, little weeding, good crop of peas, beans.  Carrots were planted too late though.  They tasted great but were pretty small.  My kids loved them!

I think it is a great lower maintenance way to go.  Our tomato plants grew but then became seriously ill.  We have raised beds and I hadn't rotated out the tomatoes at all for the last 3 years, so now we learned our lesson and will be planting tomatoes in a different bed each year.

While I am not really a fan of SFG, you would be much better off dedicating one entire bed to Corn as it will polinate much better then planting a few ears per square


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