Author Topic: Not new to airguns but new to new airguns!  (Read 5965 times)


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Not new to airguns but new to new airguns!
« on: September 24, 2008, 02:30:52 PM »
I am looking for some links to purchase the new 1 pump air guns and such, if anyone knows of any please post...

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Re: Not new to airguns but new to new airguns!
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2008, 01:52:16 AM » seems to be the best resource online.

Your local department stores will carry enough selection you should be able to find what you are looking for in Sporting Goods.

A lot of your single pump air rifles are what they call a spring piston. When you cock it, you compress a spring which is then latched in the compressed state. Pulling the trigger releases the spring which drives the air-piston, which propels the pellet.

You can't store these cocked, as the spring will weaken over time. Not that a pellet gun would be a good weapon to have loaded ready for an emergency anyhow.

These shoot 'funny'. Because the piston actually moves towards the back, That whole Newtons law 'equal and opposite reaction' says that the gun will actually kick away from you. The best shooting advice I have seen online says that  If you clench down with normal big rifle 'death grip', the spring-piston air rifle will spray pellets all over the place. They trick to shooting these accurately is the have a very light, but consistent touch. This will allow the whole complex mechanism to 'ring' like a bell, and if your consistent in your grip, it will ring the same each shot, and be very accurate for you. These seems to be true from what I have been able to shoot.

These can be loud. Near as loud as a 22 rimfire in some instances. They don't sound like a gun though. They don't have that sharp crack or pop. They have a very mechanical sound, almost a buzzing sound to them. Most people wouldn't recognize it as a gun shot. Depending on the circumstances, this is likely a good thing. There is a spring piston on the market in the US with a built in 'silencer' if the loudness is a concern. I think most of the noise is in the spring, and not the sub-sonic report from the pellet leaving the barrel, so I don't know that it's anything more then a sales gimic. Anybody use one of these?

I like the .22 caliber better then the .177. There are .177 now that can shoot super-sonic, greater then 1100ft/s. Olympic shooting occurs around 300-500 feet per second if memory serves me correctly. The super-sonic pellets are just barely super-sonic. They end up riding just ahead of the  sonic boom compression wave. This is a turbulent wave, and buffets the pellet about as it isn't ahead of the compression wave like with a high power center fire rifle bullet traveling at mach 2 or better. From what I read, fast, powerful, but not very accurate.
That same power on a .22 will push the pellet at about 800ft/s. At 30 feet, whatever you are shooting at has about 1/10 of a second to react or flinch or otherwise move out of your shot once it hears it. You will also have more mass, so it will hit harder.
I have a .22 spring piston. I shoot it indoors at a pellet trap I made out of 5 pounds of plumbers putty and a heavy steel container. I am fairly accurate, reliably able to shoot groupings the size of a quarter at maybe 10-12 yards. I sure can tell when I am holding the gun it the sweet spot however, I can keyhole 5 pellets. I just can't seem to be able to get consistent finding that sweet spot yet. Another thing, is because these are so mechanical, it takes 500-1000 rounds before everything seats well, and the excess  lubrication has found where it needs to go, and so forth, so the gun can shoot consistently itself.

Hopefully this is a good primer on the 'new' single pump airguns.


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Link to you can buy used airguns here!
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2008, 08:19:02 PM »
I'm Kim Peterson's husband, Rick. I'm a (moderately) hard-core airgun addict that has purchased over 200 airguns this year.
I'm studying different designs and plan to manufacture a .45 caliber PCP that will produce about 350-400 FT/LBS
of energy on shot #1. It will be a bolt action with a 5 shot magazine and will be very capable of taking deer to about 75

To learn more about big-bore airguns, check out Dennis Quackenbush has been making
them for a dozen years. It surprises most people, but Lewis and Clark has a multi-shot big-bore airgun on their expedition
from 1803 to 1806. This rifle was actually more deadly than muzzle-loaders of the time because, while it had a bit less power,
it could fire about a dozen shots in the time a muzzle-loader could fire 2! The thing that kept them from becoming more popular
was that the valves were made of leather or bone and were very unreliable. That, and pumping them up to 600 PSI without
a pressure gauge was a lot of work and didn't always end well............

Modern Day PCP (Pre-Charged-pneumaics) can be filled with a pump that looks like a bicycle pump or from a SCUBA tank.
Most work best at 3,000 PSI. The Quackenbush DAQ .457 gets 3 hard shots with the first making over 500 FPE.  That's a 515 grain bullet
going about 680 FPS. If I remember right, kim's 38 Special makes maybe 300 FPE? (I could cheat and pull files on my PC, but I'm on her lap top,
so I'm being a bit more general than I would be on an airgun forum.)

A magnum "springer" makes about 22 FPE. A crosman 760 pump (like you'd find at Walmart) probably makes about 12 FPE.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of other PCP designs. The FX Revolution is a .22 caliber semi-automatic. It fires a 16 grain pellet at about 950 FPS
and makes somewhere around 32 FPE. You can empty the 12 shot magazine just that quick and the 500cc (or so) butstock bottle gets about 60
shots before you need to re-fill it.

The best thing about airguns from a survivalist's standpoint is that there is no FFL to deal with. In 99% of the US, they are cash+carry like a muzzle-loader.

The best airgun Website's are, and American Airguns Classifieds. (There is a link to it
on the Homepage of the yellow Forum.)

Hope this helps,

Rick P.

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Re: Not new to airguns but new to new airguns!
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2009, 10:05:55 PM »
I just got a new air rifle for Christmas from Wal-Mart. It is a .177 cal. and has a velocity of 1000 fps.

Made by RUGER firearms.

I have not taken it out to shoot yet, but that is only because it has been cold and wet from being winter time. As soon as it warms up a bit, and we get a real nice day of sunny sky, then I'll take it out and shoot it for an hour or two. It has a small scope with it, and I want a nice day to be out doing it.
I'll also take my son along with me to let him fire HIS NEW DAISY RED RIDER BB RIFLE.

Yep !  He got a new fifle for Christmas too, and he got to take it out for a while and shoot his the day after Christmas in the back yard using his play house out in the middle of the yard as a backstop. The look on his face when he nailed his first evil mutant soda can was priceless. He missed on the first shot, but the next one sent it flying, and the world got a new shooting fan.

 I got a new hunting partner, and range buddy as well.  ;)

There are lots of good offerings out there for what you are looking for. Here are a couple of sites that I have.

There is a post on this forum with the subject title.......Where's all the intrest in air guns ?.......the post is from kimrpeterson, and mentions a large bore rifle that shoots a .308 projectile. The guy that makes these only makes a few of these per year and there is a list of folks that want these, but there is a might be on the list way down the list somewhere, or your name may be the next one in line, it does not matter, there is some sort of random selection process. If I remember right, it is mentioned on his web site. SOMETHING LIKE THAT. it has been a while since I went there.

On the board, kimrpeterson tells of the start of a NEW one being designed and made by her husband. Sounds interesting, and I wish them well. The thing about these big bore air rifles is, they are somewhat expensive, and they use VERY, VERY high compressed air.
If I had the money to spend, I would buy one for sure, but I don't, so all I can do for now is use lower caliber air rifles.
But no matter how you look at it, they're all still a lot of fun to shoot.  ;D