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The # 1 must have item in all bug out / get home vehicles.

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David in MN:
I love it when the Mrs. borrows my car. I get to bash my knees on the steering wheel because the seat is in midget mode (she's 5'4" and I'm 6'2"), the radio is blaring some Taylor Swift station, and the car made it up the drive burning fumes. I drive her car and I return it full of gas, washed, and with all her settings to her liking.

I've tried to make sense of it but to no avail. My brother in law says it's just a Y chromosome thing. Who knows?

We have a crown vic pi, and I can sit in the seat, but no way can I swing my legs under the wheel or into the floor board after she drives it.
I automatically reach for the seat adjust handle.

On the other hand she doesn't understand why I can't get the clothes in the hamper, why the bathroom mirror is splattered, why I leave my shoes where she trips on them, why I leave spots on the table instead of using a coaster.... so I don't say anything about the car seat and mirror in midget mode.

LOL.  My wife (5 ft even vs. my 6 ft) just used the truck and same thing transpired.  :)


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