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Coal is still a great home heating option


With modern systems it is a good off-grid option. Very easy to store and quite affordable.  And in many areas it is locally produced so you never have to worry about running out.

For The Few Who Heat Homes With Coal, It's Still King

We have old Peabody coal mine areas west of us about an hour.
I've always thought of going over and scouring for some chunks, maybe a pickup load.
But all that land is under private, individual ownership now, mainly ranchers.
Peabody suffered the expense of reclaiming all that area for years, which they were required to do apparently. I'm not sure if I could even find any over there now.

David in MN:
The water heater is in frame...

My hippie aunt and uncle used to heat with coal. If you're rural and basically off-grid it has some weird advantages. A multi-fuel stove that can burn pretty much anything is a nice option. On a wooded property with some coal as a backup... You could do worse.


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