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Tire valve stem sizes?

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Hi all!
I am in the process of getting some car preps and among them are tire valve stems. But I am amiss to sizes.
This link was not that much helpful.
TS413, TS415 or what?. 453 or. 625 ones?
We are talking 14 inch passenger car steel rims.

Also, would you buy a plastic puller tool as a cheap,  one use option?

Thanks,  GM

Not sure on the newer cars about stem sizes. The older cars were all the same, except for the length of stem. Hubcaps required a longer stem.
As far as the insertion tool, buy a good metal one like the tire shops use.

I am bumping it on top cos there is no other way to find out the diameter being either .453 or .625

If I am understanding the tables in your link the TS413/415 stems are typically for passenger cars and a max cold inflation pressure of 65 psi. This would be the .453 dia. valve stems. The choice between the 413 and 415 is a matter of effective length. 1.25 inches vs. 1.75 inches. Seems to me if the vehicle had full wheel covers the longer stem would likely be needed. Small of no hubcaps a shorter stem might be OK.

the length i can gauge and measure and getting a .25 inch longer by mistake is no hassle in the style of hub caps the rims wear. But the rim opening for the valve I canno, since some spare ones have tires on them.
Thanks for the guidance.


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