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Hi All

I was wondering what you guys like for AA battery chargers?
Preferrably ones that could be run off 12 volt batteries or solar.
Thank you All
Kid Couteau

  It is my opinion that LA CROSSE makes the best of the smart AA charger/testers for batteries and I like the BC-700 though now an improved version is being made. Below are links to various AA chargers that run from 12 volt solar at my home and BOL...they all do a good job though some can do more and give more data and detail than others....Criteria I look for in a charger besides the size battery is that FOR AA CHARGERS: 300 to 500 milliamp charge rate and INDIVIDUAL (one at a time charging...not charge in pairs...links below are all workable ,reliable chargers


The REST (all good):

I must add that a lot depends on the choice of battery you use ...My suggestion ,with over 10 years in use is the with a different manufacturer and a third generation...I like them BEST and TENERGY is a close second though they tend to self discharge faster than the ENELOOP AA and AAA cells...I use TENERGY "D" cells for some radios and lights and a radio will run 10 hours a day for a month while the lights usually get charged every two weeks . A quick search of ENELOOP will find results from myself and others in TSP forum ( tip: search from HOME to get complete search of the forum

Thanks Carl
Yeah Steven Harris likes the Eneloop as well.

I like the Maha Powerex WizardOne MH-C9000.  It’s bigger than the La Crosse but the settings menu is more intuitive, so I wind up using it the most.


--- Quote from: kid_couteau on July 06, 2018, 01:26:34 PM ---Thanks Carl
Yeah Steven Harris likes the Eneloop as well.

--- End quote ---

With the Low Self Discharge of the ENELOOP,I find them economical when compared to alkaline and 'dry' cells as I even use the ENELOOP's in wall clocks and remote controls now as a real benefit....I have yet to have an ENELOOP cell leak in a device ...EXCEPT for when lightening caused a failure in a BC-700 and I neglected it for some 3 weeks...story and fotos in the forum.


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