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I am trying to find a place that sells rechargable batteries. I have 2 solar rechargers and need more batteries. I am now in process of trying to stock these a little at a time as they are not cheap. Does anyone have any idea where to buy these that are not charging an arm and leg for them?

Have you checked prices on Amazon?  I would imagine they are also available at places like Walmart at decent prices.
“Charging an arm and a leg” is a rather subjective phrase, however.  Depending on what you consider an unfair markup to be between regular and rechargeable batteries, it’s possible you won’t find anyone selling them for what you consider fair.

Alan Georges:
You can't go wrong with Eneloop brand rechargeable batteries.  They're a little more expensive, but are extremely reliable and under normal use will last for decades.

BTW, we are talking about AA's and similar here?

What is the desired use?
You need batteries that fit the devices you plan to power.
Most solar chargers for small AAA,AA,C,D cell batteries do not really have enough solar to do any appreciable amount of charging.

For AAA and AA cells, the ENELOOP cells are ,in my opinion.the best
For 9 Volt,C and D cells,the TENERGY Low Self Discharge cells are a good choice...I use these.

thanks guys. I will check out the Eneloop batteries. I have both a solar and a regular plug in charger. I am mostly wanting AA and D for my husband's electric toothbrush that runs off batteries. He is killing me with the throw aways.  Also for one of our flash lights that we use most of the time. I know they are expensive but will save me a bundle in the long run. I have checked on Amazon and they seem a bit to pricey. Thinking somewhere other than Amazon would be cheaper pending rather I have to pay shipping or not.


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