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I am trying to put up a surveillance camera(zmodo) by my front gate which is about 500 feet from my house. I dont feel like paying an electrician to run wire to my front gate and am thinking about a solar option. I would imagine the camera wouldn't use much energy. Has anybody used solar to power long distance surveillance cameras? I currently use a chamberlain motion sensor which works great but its essentially just a doorbell for anybody that enters my property. I never see who is actually at my front gate. I apologize if anybody has already brought this topic up.

  Is it a wireless camera?
  What power does the camera need to operate?

it needs to be plugged into a power supply but connects to a network via wifi. I am planning on using wifi extenders for the network purposes but need a power supply.  it is powered by an external AC-to-DC Switching Power Adapter INPUT: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, Output: 5V DC, 1.0A. i live in the phx arizona region so I have endless supply of sunlight.

  I'd guess a 30 watt solar panel with a charge controller and an 18 amp hour battery  should do well for a good average as the panel will give 6 to 7 hours at about 2 amps charging for near full sun and the battery should keep the camera running for the night. If the camera actually needs 1 Amp at 5 volts  the solar and battery don't allow much 'extra' for cloudy days...and I count on it not needing more than about half of what the power supply is rated for ,for average use to allow the battery time to charge while the camera runs through the day on solar ...5 volts ,I'd use a common USB from 12 volts converter as they are cheap and the parts are low cost and easy to locate and replace.

  While the panel sounds like it is too big...they are rated at the full 17 to 19 volts and max amps a 30 watt panel will only charge the battery at about 1 1/2  to 2 amps so it would 'recover' in a typical day only what the camera is rated to use and I count on the power supply being over-rated a bit so the battery will hopefully fully charge while running the camera during the day and you get very little power when not in full sun of 6 to 7 hours in your zone so the funny math is closer than you might think for what appears to be too much of a solar supply. An actual measure of what power the camera needs would probably not shave the hardware by much as I cut it close for what details you gave.


Thanks, I think I got everything I need. I went with the renology 30 watt panel.  I was wondering, how could I mount the solar panel to a railroad tie? I am using railroad ties as my fence posts and the only thing I could think of is using a small tilt/swivel tv mount.


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