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Covering solar panels when not in use - any suggestions?

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We are now (finally!) the proud owners of a good-sized solar generator for use in outages - at least for the foreseeable future.  We have a great location for the panels, but since they currently won't be in use most of the time wanted to cover them when they're not in use to save wear and tear.  We live at altitude in the mountains and so have blazing hot sun during the day and can have lots of snow in the winter.  Due to the altitude hail isn't much of an issue.

I'm thinking of perhaps getting some grill covers for them, but does anyone have a better idea?


I would think a good thick tarp should do.

Are the panels far enough part that you can make a 5 sided 'box' to slip over them? I was thinking like 1x2" on the edges of a 1/4" plywood top.


Hadn't considered that, but I like it!  The problem with things like grill covers and tarps is that the weather eats them up in our environment and we have to constantly replace them.  Now you have me thinking of some sort of simple "panel shed" that we could open up and expose the panels when in use and otherwise have them closed.

So now I have to have a cuppa coffee and think about that... ;)

  If the system works with a battery bank,How do you plan to maintain the battery bank?
Properly produced panels are made to survive being in the weather and the system will be at it's best if USED to power something within it's capacity so as to exercise the batteries and maintain system integrity. 


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