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Well, i would like the members' viewpoint on what I intend to do.

For the time being I will be buying 4 3W solar panels to make a small appliances solar system (charging battery banks and a 7+Ah SLA battery)
Initially I was thinking of connecting the panels in such a way as to have either a 19V (4S) or a 5V (4P) output. Purpose was to skip the 19 to 5V converter.
(I have designed the wiring and switching method, and it is easily workable)

But now I wonder if it worths the trouble. What do you think?

 :popcorn:  MMMM..popcorn with Lithium has a hearty flavor.
I would suggest a 12 volt system to then power proper Lithium Ion chargers etc as you do not have the panel count for charging a 4S battery pack ,in my opinion.

no i meant regular power banks that are USB charged, not the DIY style

Good luck.

This is just my thoughts on it.
Aim for at least 50 watts minimum for panels.

Solar is not as powerful as the youtube vids make it out to be.

I am planning on doing something similar as you and for a 7AH SLA battery if you want to charge it in a day go at least 50 watts.



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