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I found a dimple in the sidewall of my front tire -- dangerous? (video attached)

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You could have your alignment off, lost a weight, or you could have mud or something in your wheel.


Doesn't look like a dimple to me.  It looks like the tire took a good hit to a curb or something and the sidewall is damaged (although it doesn't look like there is any damage to the rim).  It is a linear indention, not a pock mark or dimple.

I am not a tire expert!

If you can't get it looked at where you have a warranty then go someplace that could not care less if they sell you a tire or not.  someplace like Walmart, Sams, Costco.  A place that sells lots of tires and does not get commission for sales, but still has well trained tire people.  I would go to Costco where I am.

Looks like the tires belt overlap...a normal thing. Part of tire construction.I worked at a retread plant for almost 18 years.
Make sure tires ,especially the front,are the same pressure as difference in pressure can cause the vibration you describe.

Given your winter there, I suspect it's a build up is salt and traction sand on the inside (under the car side) of the wheel. Give it a good pressure wash focusing on the wheels. Happens every winter to me.

Can't load the video out here in the boonies.... But it sounds like Carl has it. A co-worker bought four new tires from walmart (light truck) they all had a dimple that almost looked like a seam in the sidewall. I've personally owned several tires with it and never had problems with that coming loose. I usually have problems with uneven wear. I am no tire expert either I just own a small business that puts on about 1600 miles a week. So I buy a lot of tires.



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