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I found a dimple in the sidewall of my front tire -- dangerous? (video attached)

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Wouldn't worry about it. I had all four tires once with that, and the dimples were spaced evenly apart, each 1/3 of the way around the tire.
It's a manufacturing issue, I think, or something done from the factory. At least, thats the way these Goodyears looked.

If it's only on one tire, and you're overly concerned about it, rotate that tire to the rear of the car. You'll have the peace of mind that IF it does blow, you'll still be able to steer to safety.

Sounds like it's cosmetic only according to this tire site:


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One more question: I noticed the TINIEST of vibrations in the steering wheel as of a few days ago.

Could THIS be that vibration?

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That dimple is normal. Its the spot of the tire where the belts come together. If you look, most tires will show that to some extent after a bit of use and heat cycling.

Vibration is likely just in need of a balance. It could also be a wear issue from worn out shocks, bushings, or other suspension components. Rotate and balance, and see if the problem persists.

Tires have a shelf life, wouldn't that make retreads a poor choice?


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