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Several months ago, Jack did a show where a small segment talked about some of the tools that you should have in your trunk.  I took it to heart and got some of the the tools that I was missing.  I picked up a bottle jack that could handle the weight of my vehicle with no problem.  I also got a can of fix a flat and a plug kit.  I already had a small car kit that included jumper cables.

A couple of weeks ago, I was waiting on my daughter to get out of gymnastics.  I was listening to the radio and didn't notice the lights were still on.  I went to start the car and nothing happened.  I knew my battery was getting weak, they told me about it each time I took the car in for an oil change.  (I can change my own oil, but I get free changes since I bought my car at that dealer)  No problem I'll have my wife give me a jump. She got there and I went to hook up the jumper cables and the ones in my trunk were too short.   I got the ones from her car out and eventually got started.  Since mine were too short, I picked up some LONG cables when I get the replacement battery.

Today on the way to church the tire pressure light came on.  I stopped and filled the tires.  I was almost to church and it came on again.  I got into the parking lot and it was well on the way to being flat, but not so much that it would cause damage.  I could hear the hiss from the hole.  After church, the tire was flat as can be.  So I changed it out.  I found that my car is far too low to fit the bottle jack under it.  I'll keep it in the trunk, but I had to use the supplied emergency tire for to get going.  I went to the mother in law's house about 5 minutes away.  I found the hole easily, looked like there was a nail in it and the head must have worn off on the drive over or the pressure pushed it out.  I was able to use the plug kit to successfully repair my tire.  I didn't think about it at the time, but I don't have a tire inflator in each car.  I had to use my wife's inflator, but that's a reminder that each car needs one.  I'll pick up another one for this car.

My son turns 16 at the end of the year and will be driving.  I used this to teach him how to change a tire.  I had him do most of it since I've done it plenty of times before.  When he's driving it won't be such a huge deal if he gets a flat.

I learned how to use that plug kit.  I've seen it done, but haven't done it myself.  I learned that while a bottle jack is a better tool, it's not always useful for cars that ride a bit lower.  The supplied jack worked well, but I want my backup jack just in case.  I also got a reminder that I need to get another tire inflator.  I was lucky that I had flat where I got it and had access to the inflator in my wife's car.  It was a level parking lot, a nice sunny day, I had plenty of time and my son was with me to learn.



very good.

hey do you have a tool box/assortment you use in each car also?

I've let my car kit wax and wane over the years.  Posts like this are always a good reminder to check what you have and make sure all is in good repair.  I've discovered dried up tubes of tire plug glue on more than one occasion, although fortunately never when I actually needed it. 

Now if I could only get my wife to stop taking her emergency kit out of her car because it "takes up too much space." ::)

very good.

hey do you have a tool box/assortment you use in each car also?


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