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Maglite window breakers attachments. Is there a seatbelt cutting attachment?

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Josh the Aspie:
Hey all.

Like many of you, I keep a light in the cab of my vehicle with me.  In my case, it's a Maglight.  I've found some window-breaker caps.

If possible I'd like to pair one of these with a seat-belt cutting attachment, so that I can get rid of the bulky plastic thing I currently have sitting next to me in the car, and get some room back, without loosing functionality.

I'm aware of the ResQMe, and am considering getting one, but even if I do, I'd still like to build out my maglite, so that if I have passengers, we can break more than one window at a time.  I tend to like redundancy.

It'd also be nice to have both a good light and a rescue tool with me at the same time if I have to go help out someone else in trouble.

I've seen mention of belt-cutting attachments before, but all of the links to sellers I've found so far seem to have evaporated.

Does anyone else out-there know of some seat-belt cutting attachments?

Just a question, and I promise I don't mean to come off the wrong way. Does your MagLite stay where you can reach it? I understand you want an extra tool to give someone who may need to assist in a rescue but what if you need to cut your own seat belt? Judging by your post, I'd say you have this covered, I was more asking for your insight, I guess. Thanks -John

Josh the Aspie:
Yeah, I tend to have it within reach in one of the back seat pockets.

So why do you need to have an extra tool then? Again, just asking. I feel like if needed, and you already had tools for yourself,why not just stash extras where the primaries are to hand out? I don't mean to question you, just asking to pick your brain so to speak. Sorry if I come off the wrong way...

Josh the Aspie:
Well, for one thing, 2 is one 1 is none.  Something clipped to the dash could be thrown off, or my right arm might be too injured to reach behind the seat.  Then, if I have people in my car that know what the things are, I don't have to pass them out.  I grab one, someone else grabs the other.

And even if I do have to pass them out... if we're under-water, getting ready to break out... who wants to be the last person to get to break their window?


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