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Please do. Thanks

Hello Folks, first post, new member here.

I purchased from solarblvd.
10 235 watt Solarworld panels. They were from a defunct business which had them on their roof and the tenant went belly up, so owner removed the system in an effort to recoup some losses. Thats where Solarblvd came in. It's become apparent to me that they buy odd lots of surplus stock, used panels and other lots from various sources and offer them at lower than new pricing.

Their pricing is a bit high for used panels, but at the time, there wasn't a lot of choices for me budget wise.
The panels had some glass and frame scratches, but they all were producing at or above rated specs.

I should mention here that they also sell new stock panels from various manufacturers, but keep in mind, that some of their offerings are panels from auction stock of defunct panel manufacturers so there will be no warranty, despite what they may tell you.

So, here is my advice:

Watch VERY carefully the wording of their "sale"prices.
Some are used panels.
Do a web search on the brand name of the panel to be sure the manufacturer is still in business.
Ask specifically if the panels are used.
Ask specifically if the panel is warranted, and if so by whom. (if need be, call the manufacturer direct and ask about warranty if panels are used.
Ask for a specific shipping quote, as freight from California is expensive.
If you plan on using the USA federal Solar tax credit, ask if panels are UL Rated and carry a UL mark on the label on each panel.

If you do your homework, and are willing to sacrifice some parameters, you just might find a few good deals with them.
Keep in mind most of the panels everyone sells are imported, which as you may know, will soon have a 30% tariff into the USA, so, it may be a good idea to buy soon.

In as far as dealing with them as a company, the transaction went well, but you may be well advised to stay in close communication with them regarding shipping lead times. They sat on my order a bit after they had my money.


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