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i'm sitting offshore right now in BDA. I'm supposed to fly out on the 10th to head back to VT... I'm keeping an eye on Katia, not because of the risk of it hitting the island, but us getting delayed on our flight back. If so, oh well.. like I'd really cry a river having to call my boss telling him i'm "stuck" in paradise for another couple of days till I can get back!  ;)

But seriously, I hope to hell it doesn't rip back up the east coast. We've had enough rain for now, thank you very much. If southern VT got another dumping on it like we just saw, it would be over there.

Hope everyone on the mainland is safe... keep an eye on this one, I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts that this one passes us by...



--- Quote from: LvsChant on September 01, 2011, 07:14:53 PM ---Wow... cat 2 with all that warm water to cross and nothing to slow it down... not good. Is that track similar to Hugo (several years ago, I know, but it hit the east coast really hard, iirc.)?

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Hugo came in around Charleston, SC (south of this predicted path) and it was the worst hurricane I ever experienced. They had to completely re-build the power poles and lines throughout many cities and towns in the area. There were pine trees stretched across the roads and interstates every few feet for miles and miles.

We had an amazing barbeques in the backyard with all the stuff from the deep freezer the first couple nights.


--- Quote from: kc9eci on September 01, 2011, 08:39:59 PM ---For those of you with ham radios or shortwave radios, the Hurricane Watch Net frequency of 14.325 MHz USB would be a good place to listen to real time reports from people in the effected area.    More info at also, the National Hurricane Center would be another good place to gather info

For those of you in the area if/when it makes landfall, good luck and as we say in the fire service, stay low.

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People with smartphones can also get this with any of the scanner applications.

(Also, for those of us on the east coast...always remember... When the going gets tuff the tuff get going, because the smart have already left!)


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