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Virginia Earthquake

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We just felt the aftershock from the 5.8 earthquake in Richmond VA about 25 minutes ago. It slightly shook the building here in Charlotte NC for almost 30 seconds. Heard from friends that it was felt down in Spartanburg SC as well.

Hurricanes: 7
Quakes: 1

+1 for the bucket list :)

Makes me really think about that fault line running through the South now. 

- Kevin

I am down in Hampton VA...we felt it! It was my first earthquake! I have never felt more out of control in my life. the good news was it was so quick you didnt have much time to be frightened. oh and in minutes cell and land line were clogged to the point you couldn't call out. Stay safe and prepared people!

Art in VA


- Kevin

Alpha Mike:
Yawn, we don't even get out of bed for a 5.9 in Kalifornia any more.
Not a lot of news coverage on it.  Have not seen anything about damage yet.  Hope it was minimal.

I'm in Harrisburg, PA and it was felt here.  Also in Reading, York, and Carlisle. 

The report is that this was a shallow earthquake and that is why it was felt so widely, including NYC and parts of North Carolina.


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