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I did a search of the forums and couldn't find quite what I was looking for, so here goes...

I'm starting to put together a tool kit to be part of my Auto Bug Out Box and would love your input.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm not really that "handy".  Unless something is very obviously broken, I'm probably not going to be able to fix it.  (I've committed, to myself, to be brutally honest here in an effort to learn as much as possible!)

So, what kind of tools should be in the kit for my wife or I to do basic, obvious repairs while out on the highways and byways?  What about one of these "25-Piece Tool Kit" type packages you see at Wally World for cheap?  Get something like that or get a subset and spring for quality tools?

Thanks, a bunch!

I am a little biased because I get my tools as part of my job and they are all high quality items.  That being said, I have owned lower quality tools for my personal tools most of my life.  They can get the job done but it has always been anyone's guess as to when they would give up their last breath, e.g. broken ratchets, broken stocks, stripped hex wrenches, rounded sockets and so on.

You should be able to pick up a similar set to the Walmart tool kit, albeit more costly, from Sears, i.e. Craftsman.  You could also go with the Kobalt line from Lowe's.  I don't know that I would suggest going any more top of the line than that though for the intended purpose.

As far as recommendations for a starter kit, a basic 3/8" drive set, metric and sae, standard and deep sockets.  Include a couple of good screwdrivers, some security torx wrenches (since they can be used with standard torx as well), a metric & sae set of hex wrenches, quality pliers, quality channel locks and pair of Vise-Grips.  Don't forget to add things like a tire plugging kit (super cheap!), spare belt(s) and spare fuses as well!

This isn't overly detailed, but hopefully it is a decent start!

I agree with firetoad, giant Sears fan here, their hand tools are guaranteed for a lifetime no matter what you might do to them.  They have some great sales on starter kits such as ratchet sets, basic wrenches, screwdrivers etc.

In addition to Firetoads other suggestions such as fuses and a spare belts and tire sealer, I would suggest a set of jumper cables and a flashlight.

Most importantly, learn your way around under the hood of your vehicle.  All the tools in the world wont help if you cant figure out what might be wrong or what might be broken


A Chilton's guide for you car might be handy to.  I had one for my S-10 but had not thought about it until this post. 

+1 for reminding me to look for one.

A a guy that make a living with hand tools, I always recommend Mac an Snap-On. However they are a little pricy for shadetree, and home handyman types. Second I recommend Craftsman. They have a really nice kit of sockets and such as this
Lots of tools all in a nice kit. You can tell in one glance if something is missing.
Last on my list is (if you can find one) is a metwrench. They are a metric/standard in one wrench. I wouldent use it to rebuild a small block, but for something to throw in the trunk, its great.


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