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I sell and design all types of solar electric, and solar hot water systems for a living here in sunny Reno, Nevada. Don't hesitate to ask any renewable energy related questions and I'll do my best to give you an accurate answer.

Great! Thanks for offering your help Mach10!!!

My husband and I are looking for our survival retreat and have found a home on several acres "off the grid".  We have always been interested in solar, but the cost has prevented us from any further research.  If we find a great OTG home, can we power 220/3 phase machines (lathe and mill) with the backup generators or is there any solar setup that can give that much power?

I've dreamed of living off the grid but my family would never go for it  :P

That sounds great. 

I'm looking to build a small solar power plant to run a few things that don't need to be on all the time but are convienient.  Any favorite sites regarding something like this or do you have a set of plans?

a few years ago I had a single battery trickle charged by solar to run some lighting and stuff when the power would go out but thats as far as I got with that.

I asked this in another topic and then realized there is this one here. So let me repost it here:

"I am not sure if anyone has seen one of these. I was in Wal-Mart the other night and I saw a Solar Panel charger for a Car Battery. It says that it helps keep it charged so that you don't have to worry about if the alternator went bad, lost charge due to not being used in awhile, ect. I wonder if one of these could be attached to a Deep Cycle battery to charge it. Any thoughts on this? Or has anyone ever tried it?"


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