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Tactical Badger:
Hi!  I'm TB and I enjoy long walks on the beach and...oh, sorry.  Not THAT kind of intro. 

Also came over from the Zombie Squad board.

I haven't been at the whole "Preparing" thing all that long.  But, I do remember the wife and I stocking up for Y2K. 

I got really serious about it after running across the ZS board and meeting up with some really great people here in Ohio.

I've got my little 5 acre lot in the country and a healthy desire to become a LOT more self-sufficient.  The wife's on board with most everything.  Although, she doesn't quite see the need I do to spend so much money on guns. ;D

We've actually had a couple of near-misses around us that have really driven home the need to be prepared.  And like DrG, preparedness has gone way beyond a hobby and is now a lifestyle.  While, I'm not ready to make a career out of it, I did complete my county's CERT program and am active in that.

And yeah...Jack's a raving Libertarian!!!  Gotta' love that!

Patriot:Ex Machina:
Tactical Badger wrote:

--- Quote ---And yeah...Jack's a raving Libertarian!!!  Gotta' love that!
--- End quote ---

That's the best kind!!  ;D

Hello, Spartan here, another one of the crew who came over from the Zombie Squad.

I have been into preparedness since my days as a Boy Scout.  It all came together though in my early 20s, nearly a decade ago already, with a martial arts instructor who taught that being prepared for a conflict was more than just knowing how to hit the other guy, but also understanding that sometimes your best bet is to run. His ultimate goal for his students was for each of us to be able to control any situation in life so the we could mitigate the impact it would have on us. 

My take on preparedness has evolved from those simple days when I figured a few cases of MREs, a BOB, a sidearm, and a rifle would get me through the worst of it.  Now I have a lifestyle that supports preparedness in the form of a budding homestead and a network of individuals who have their own pursuits that makes them useful within my longterm planning.

I am fortunate that my wife is completely on-board with the idea and is very supportive.  Our older daughter is in because she works with horses and sees a large homestead as her best opportunity to raise and train them without having to buy her own farm. 

Though not Luddites by any stretch of the imagination, I am writing this on a modern laptop not sending it to the web through the wire as individual dots and dashed hashed out on a telegraph, we do take a position that requires minimal external energy other than food to feed us, wood to provide heat, wax to provide light, and plants and animals to give us clothing.  If the power goes off, it is of little consequence.  We live without it enough days out of the year that we need not worry when it will come back on for a while.  Eventually it will not matter if it ever does.

My current profession is what my friends and wife like to call a Foodist.  My interest is in food from the ground it grows in or grazed upon to the point that it reaches the plate ready to eat as well as the libations of beer, wine, and mead to make the meal and combine the company in a common place.

An intro? You really want to know about me?

Lets see, I'm 32, living on the coast right in the middle of hurricane central. I have ridden out Katrina, Ivan, Cindy and, Dennis. I have learned much from each. I work for the government trying to protect the environment. I have a MS in Environmental Science and a BS in Chemistry. Mainly my work is in the swamps doing wetland mitigation and restoration projects.

My survival instinct was instilled upon me by my father, his idea of fun was to get me lost in the woods and see what happened. Kinda like the swim or die approach.  I really don't see the end of the world coming during my life, I mainly prepare for a few weeks of discomfort. I am a bug in kinda guy but have three bug out locations if needed.

My Hobbies include quail/duck/dove hunting. I will deer hunt if i need the meat. I work as a part time quail guide during he winter(lets me hunt for free).  I currently shoot NSCA(National Sporting Clays Association) and try to shoot 300-400 targets a week. Looking to take up three gun but need more practice.

I am married and she thinks I'm nuts, but has no problem having plenty to eat in the house.


DeltaEchoVictor here.  DEV are the last three letters of my HAM call sign.  I'm a ZS'er as well & The SP is a regular on my Nano.   The boring specifics are 36yo male living in the Ozarks of Missouri.  Been married 12 years & the little lady is down with the preparedness sickness as well.  No kids, five furbabies.

Been hunting & fishing the hills around here since I was a little kid.  I've been doing the hunting with a recurve/longbow for the last few years.  I make my own equipment.  We do organic gardening & various other things to remain as self-sufficient as we can. 

I'm excited to see this venture get off the ground. 

Edited, 'cause I can't freakin' count.


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