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Steve Bluff here, 42, married, 4 kids, boy 17 in college, young lady 15 last year of secondary school, girl 4, boy 2. Live in the South of England, rural Hampshire, but originally from the Kingdom of greater Yorkshire (a northerner, that's important!)!  15 years British Army, started as a boy scout and it just went from there.  Worked in governmental, military, public safety and security comms and solutions as well a enterprise solutions,  across Europe, middle east and Africa.  Lots of friends in the the industry. Was an out doors pursuits instructor, enjoy reading, forums (do now), survival skills/prepping, off road/4x4, bushcraft, and love shooting!  Desire:  to be free from debt slavery and live as much as possible in a self reliant way, providing a healthy fulfilling life for my family and I (and get more hunting in!)

arte et marte

Greetings everyone!  And a big thanks to Jack for furnishing this forum, I think it is a fantastic idea!  I listen to the podcast almost daily, and have downloaded and listened to all of the archived shows.  I think Jack is a "voice of reason" in the Patriot/Survival community.

I am 54 years old and retired....which sounds great, but I am actually busier now that I ever was during my career in public safety communications.  I live in rural, western Texas on 50 acres with my wife and two dogs.  We have 2 grown kids and 4 grandkids.  I was born and raised in far West Texas, and spent most of my working life moving East...first to the Midland/Odessa area, then to Dallas and on to Virginia, where I worked for 7 years before I retired in 2005 and made the move back to West Texas.

My wife and I have been, what you would consider "survivalists" - or at least "preppers", for years.  My dad actually got me started thinking about this stuff many years ago.  He was 14 years old in 1929 and had vivid memories of the depression.  He always told me that "it would happen again, since the government sold out to the bankers and our money was worthless paper.".  It's certainly looking like you were right again, Dad!  Our goal is to make our lives as self sufficient as possible, which is always a challenge in the area we live in; the Eastern edge of the Sonoran Desert.  While we do have plenty of relatively shallow well water, it is extremely salty and is not suitable for growing any sort of food crops.  My current project is 5000 gallons of rainwater storage collected from the roof of our 2000 sq ft barn, just so we can have a garden.

I hold an Extra Class Amateur Radio license, and worked in the two-way radio business for almost 30 years and still do quite a bit of contract work in public safety/disaster communications.  If anyone has any questions about radio communications, I can probably help you out.  I am also a certified EMT and can help out some in first aid/emergency medical topics.

Welcome aboard guys! 

Patriot:Ex Machina:
A special welcome to the international members like Steve Bluff!
Thanks again for the thread on UK Gun laws. I emailed that to several friends.
Very insightful!

Hello all,

I'm looking forward to being a part of this forum community.  My husband and I have been listening to Jack's podcasts since maybe August (?) and have caught up on just about all of them.  I appreciate Jack's passion for the community he is building and enjoy the format of the show. 

We have been working slowly towards self-sufficiency since a little over a year ago when we decided to follow Dave Ramsay's plan to get out of debt (which we're still working on, but getting there).  I've had an uneasy feeling about this fall/winter since last spring so we've spent time trying to get things in order as much as we can and just trying every day to make our lives better "if times get tough, and even if they don't."

I hope to be able to use this forum as a way to build community with like-minded people from all over, and I'm excited to see how many people are already participating.


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