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Cashless society now!

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I think hospitals are a particular risk of virus transmission, and the handling of cash also requires extra interactions like counting, securing, armored car service, etc.

Frankly, if you are thinking along these lines (eschatology), you should probably consider that it might be a reflection of your anxiety on the uncertainty of the times.  That anxiety is likely not helpful even if you happen to be correct about the end being nigh. 

I think it was Thessalonians that said something along the lines of "The day of the lord will come like a thief in the night."  It does not say it come like a thief in the night unless you are pious, or clever, or primed for it.

The Professor:
This is another among the issues that have been considering discussing.

We know the government HATES the cash and barter economy.  They can't track it unless it's self-reported, hence, they can't tax it unless it self-reported.  They also can't always seize money if it's hidden away and not in a bank or investment.

I've been waiting for there to be reports of how someone, probably a cashier, bank teller, casino cage counter, etc., contracted the virus from cash or coin.  A big deal will be made about them checking random bills and coins and finding that some ridiculous amount show viable contamination. There will be some really cool graphics showing how the virus lives in the niches and marks or weave (or whatever) of the bill or coin.  Hell, I even expect them to say that the virus remains contagious and alive practically indefinitely due to the nature of the base material on the bill.

The answer is obvious: Ban cash sales for the duration (and then, of course, forget to repeal).  This would force everyone to use digital currency and bank accounts with the benefit of having every panic-mongering twit screaming to 911 when she sees a cash transaction.

Cash and coins become an Enemy of the State almost overnight.

I would have posted this, but we got rid of that whole Tin Foil Hat Brigade thing.

But, since someone else brought it up. . .

The Professor

I agree with a lot of what you said, but common sense would tell me that touching cash should have a much lower probability of containing an infectious disease than touching a PIN pad touched by 90% or more of the people in a location. In a day where most young people will use a credit or debit card for a $1.50 soda instead of using cash.
Now a lot of people are just using their phone with some instant pay App. I just don't trust having all that stuff on a cell phone. All it would take is dropping your phone and you could be screwed for days, a real nightmare if you happen to be traveling at the time.


Disease is not the only risk in the world, a failed economy or tyranny of a cashless society are also just as serious. If you can’t work or live your life and have no money such that it leads to poverty or crime then your life is just as much at risk as it would be if there are germs out there

Other than that, I am not sure how underground bitcoin or black market bit coin would work

ridge rover:
Just food for thought. This virus scenario may be the gateway to a cashless society  at a future date. It  all seems so clear to me now. Just look at the masses in panic mode as we speak and  much of it is about toilet paper!  How would mark people who have recieved ed the antivirus vacination?  OK that statement is off base as far as this discussion goes but when cash is gone anything is possible............


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