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Cashless society now!

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--- Quote from: surfivor on March 22, 2020, 05:30:07 PM ---Disease is not the only risk in the world, a failed economy or tyranny of a cashless society are also just as serious. If you can’t work or live your life and have no money such that it leads to poverty or crime then your life is just as much at risk as it would be if there are germs out there

Other than that, I am not sure how underground bitcoin or black market bit coin would work

--- End quote ---

I agree, historically speaking, most major governmental and social entity failures were preceded by an economic collapse resulting in wars and a complete restructuring of the society.
The one saving grace for the individual has always been, and will always be, the cashless barter system. The direct commerce of labor between individuals is impossible to track or tax without the consent of the people involved as a whole.

As far as digital currencies go, I've never been one to trust them. Much like our hard currency, the 1's and 0's floating around the ethos is only as good as peoples trust in it. Lose the trust and the value evaporated overnight. They potentially do have some benefits over hard currencies, but it would only take one hacker to destroy it completely.

ridge rover:
A good comment was noted about perhaps being illegal to accept cash or coins. We have heard. Of someone paying a bill of with a zillion or so pennies. But now we are under an official  national emergency where some laws, etc are not  enforced and don't have to be.


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