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As to the question about the ham radio tower...maybe this will help.

There is (or was) a publication by Rhone, that had a set of working drawings (has designs for several different maximum wind speeds and ice loading).  The drawings show the concrete detail, guy wire specifications and placement, they are reprints, signed and stamped by the PE that did the engineering for Rhone.  The idea was to provide the basic engineering paperwork for three sided (Rhone 25 and up) guyed towers for a large ham antenna array, they may or may not be sufficient for any inspector you have to submit to.  Fortunately I did not need a permit or to submit plans for my (radio) tower, I just used them so I did not have to do the math myself to have a safe design.  I have Rhone 25 tower for radio use, used the worst case design and it has held up in 100+ MPH winds. 

When I had my Air wind generator I did not mount it on my Rhone tower, but used the schedule 40 pipe and guy wires they used to recommend.   Those Rhone drawings may be available on the Internet somewhere, not sure where I filed my set.  I don't think the guyed tilt up pole plans download-able from the Air folks have a PE stamp, may be wrong about that. If properly guyed the three sided tower will be plenty stiff enough for your AIR, good luck.


--- Quote from: Wintersparrow on May 07, 2009, 06:52:42 AM ---CMXterra, how do you get your tower to extend? Does it have a hand crank, or is it motorized?

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there is a hand crank.


--- Quote from: DDrew on May 07, 2009, 07:33:56 AM ---Thanks for the info, CMXTerra +1.  I got a 50' triangular shaped tower that was used for a Ham Radio Antenna. I bought an AirX Wind Turbine ( I'm trying to figure out the best way to anchor it.  I am still researching the foundation calculations, and was curious if anyone was familiar with this process.  If you are a PE and have the ability to design and provide stamped design docs, I'd be willing to pay for the work.

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I would guess if your tower goes about as tall as mine that a similar massive base should work for you

I would just make sure that there is enough material out past where your mounting bolts would be placed in the base.

This is probably too big for a small scale wind turbine, but is of sound design.   I know Dan and know of the huge amount of engineering that needs to go into making a safe tower.  Be careful not to under build the base structure.

I found something really cool during my research of wind energy. This site shows a US map and current wind conditions.  It isn't highly useful, but fun to look at. 

Another bit of advise, is do not purchase heavy gauge wire at home depot or lowes.  They charge twice as much as they should.  Find a local electrical supply company that would typically work with contractors and electricians.  They have all the wiring you need for half the price.


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