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Here in North Dakota, the wind blows almost non stop. It's truly the best resource we have. Someone in my town is trying to get the city to allow him to put a wind generator on his house as a source of energy, and I haven't heard whether it's been approved or not, but I'm keeping my ear to the ground.  Where I live, the wind splits around my house and and it blows on all sides, so I think that I could put a wind turbine in and it would product energy for me nicely. I  don't even think I would have to put it up too very high in the air.

My problem is that the wind blows hard, I mean HARD, here sometimes, and I wonder if these wind turbines have any sort of governor on them to they don't spin to pieces? I've poked around the net and can't see much about this particular question. Some of these things look really spindly, and I don't want to go to the work of putting hooking one up if they aren't sturdy enough for extreme wind and cold.

Does anyone here have any experience with this issue?


This is the one I have

It has a built in regulator and governer and can withstand winds up to 110.

Edit to add:

As for how they do in the cold.. I will let you know how mine feels after this winter here in MN

NC Rifleman:

--- Quote from: cmxterra on December 11, 2008, 11:58:18 AM ---I have a 400w wind generator that is tied into my little power station.

If you are wondering if wind is the way to go I would say this. What is the average windspeed where you live?
So far I get much more power from my solar panels than I do from my wind turbine. That said it is nice to have it to help keep the batteries going at night or on cloudy or stormy days when you get little sun.

As for your concern about batteries.. They are where it is really at. I am currently using 6v golf cart batteries run in series to produce 12v

The problem I have currently is that I do not have enough battery so by noon on any given day my batteries are fully charged so my panels and turbine spend too much of the day sitting idle not charging anything. So my plan is to increase my battery reserve and use more and more of that rather than grid power.

--- End quote ---

cmxterra I am from NC and looking at a wind map the whole state except the coast and the peaks of the blue ridge mountains is classified as "poor".  I am guessing you would be in the same boat? I would really like to have some other source then solar but I don't think its worth it were I live.  Cloudy days or not. A larger battery bank would probably be a better use of money.

So before you jump on wind power check out what your area has for wind resources.  Here is a place to check it at.

Agree that my area is not the most ideal for wind generation. But something to consider is placement of your turbine. I got a used ham radio tower (pole telescoping) from that is working well for me and get the turbine well above the house.

I also agree that a larger battery bank is ALWAYS a good idea.

I do get useful amounts of electricity from it on some days and I am finding that now that winter is upon us here we do seem to have a bit more wind.

Here is a pic with the tower fully extended.

edit: seems my server does not like hot linking.. I will find another place to host the image.

NC Rifleman:
Well it may still be an option.  I would love to try wind out like I said before.  Is your area classified as a "poor" one or a little better? 

Do you know how roughly much "electricity" you get from the wind turbine?  I guess you would also get the potential for power generation 24hours a day.  When solar is more like 4 hours of full light.


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