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Expert Council response database?


So I found myself specifically searching for the episode where Geoff Lawton described fixing the Mississippi watershed by starting from the top down and since I am not finding it I started thinking about the problem of not being able to find a specific response.

As searching on the website for specific expert council responses seems pretty hit or miss for me has anyone put together a different/better system to sort and search or filter so it's easier to find that one time that one ECM answered that one question?

a database would be an excellent project. Could even subdivide the data entry to spread the load. Make a simple table in something like google docs, folks put their names on blocks of episodes and skim thru them and enter the data from pull-down menus of experts, guests, broad topics like 'bees', 'mead', permaculture, homestead entrepreneur (duck eggs, micro greens), Virtual Nation, cryptocurrencies, etc.  Get enough participation and the 1000+ episodes could get cataloged pretty quickly.  I'd be surprised if Spirko's OCD hasn't done it already.


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