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Bergey BWC XL.1


Mullers Lane Farm:
I got a great deal on an off grid system that included 12 solar panels, 16 deep cell batteries, two 110 converters and this Bergey BWC XL.1 system.

The wind at our place is almost constant and at great speeds. We have the room to put this up (IIRC, it is 80' with a 40' radius for the guide wires) but I think the solar might fit what we need ..

We are pretty new to alternative energy and got this system for a Great Price!

I'm wondering what all y'alls opinions are about the Bergey BWC XL.1

When we bought the complete off grid system, we thought we had sold the BWC (for $2K), but the folks backed out because they didn't have the room to erect the tower (they already have two smaller turbines and a couple solar panels).

Tell me your thoughts, opinions, good, bad, whatever ... it may still be for sale ...


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