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Question for the mods: promotional materials and media for the site.

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Nice cards indeed! I have to admit, the midgets are why I joined up with TSP. :ebon:

I have a question? I hope this is the right place to put it.

I have noticed that there are not many pictures posted, Like BOL, or stuff we have built or are working on. Did I miss something ?? Are we not  to be posting stuff like that?? Just wondered, I might have missed the part where it says that

Sister Wolf:
You're allowed to post whatever pics you want, as long as they aren't of naked people or something horrible.  ;)

There are actually a lot of pics on the forum, it's just that those threads are kind of scattered.

Thanks, I don't get out of the prep forums much, so I guess I haven't seen them
Thanks Again

Here is another thread where I put a PDF to a basic card I created:


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