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A word on Savage Rifles, as mentioned in the 9/25 podcast


An even better deal in my opinion is the Steven's Model 200.  It is made by Savage and uses the same action as the 10/110.  It doesn't come with the Accu-Trigger, but the factory trigger is still adjustable.

It isn't availble with a wood stock, only with a grey plastic stock.

It is available in several calibers in both long and short action.

The best part is, if you can still find them, they usually sell for under $300 all day long.

I bought mine at Dick's Sporting goods for $249.  I was looking for 308, but all they had was 30.06 and .270.  The guy knocked $20 off the list price because they didn't have what I wanted.

Scope mounts and a sling, and I was out the door for under $300.

On the Savage Shooters Forum, they are very popular.  Savages are also good for switching calibers.  There are a couple guys on that forum that made a switch barrel gun that can be changed calibers in the field.

Most after market triggers that fit the 110/10 will also fit the Stevens 200.

I think Savage stopped making them.  I was told that they were hurting their sales of the regular Savage models, I don't know if that is true, but they are still out there.


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